Community Development PROJECT

In conjunction with on-the-ground partners, Matthew 25: Ministries participates in an on-going development project, which provides proper housing and sanitary conditions to impoverished families living in rural Nicaragua.

These families live in deplorable, insecure conditions and suffer serious health risks due to a lack of drinking water and sanitary solutions. The total project involves:

  • Constructing new houses and residential latrines.
  • Upgrading existing homes with more substantial, weather-tight construction such as elevated concrete foundations and paint.
  • Installing wells, water filters, hand pumps or individual spigots that provide purified and clean drinking water.

These homes will provide a sense of permanence and safety to many families for the first time in their lives. Please take a moment to view photos from this development project.

In addition to homes, Matthew 25: Ministries has funded the construction of two warehouses, a community center, a feeding center, a multi-purpose building and a hydro-electric facility in select communities.