Rainbow paint reblending program

painting a brighter future

Matthew 25: Ministries’ Rainbow Paint Reblending Program rescues and reuses leftover paint to provide a high-quality, reblended/recycled latex paint to the poor throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Rainbow Paint helps low-budget nonprofits, schools, and public facilities complete maintenance, rehab and upgrade projects at a low cost. It enhances the quality of life for recipient individuals and organizations by improving and beautifying physical surroundings. One such endeavor is an on-going development project in Nicaragua which Matthew 25 is involved in. This project provides proper housing and sanitary conditions to impoverished families living in rural Nicaragua. The houses are completed with a protective coat of paint from our Rainbow Paint Reblending Program. See photos from the 2012 Housing Project in Nicaragua.

Matthew 25: Ministries’ Rainbow Paint Reblending Program reduces the amount of hazardous waste being deposited in landfills, public waterways and sewer systems. It also helps prevent poison exposures through accidental human contact or consumption of excess and leftover paint.


  • Oil-Based paint, Combustible paint, or Stain will not be accepted - we can only accept Latex paint.
  • Only 1 Gallon or 5 Gallon cans of Latex Paint will be accepted.
  • Must be original container(s) with original label(s). Containers without original labels will not be accepted.
  • Empty cans or nearly empty cans will not be accepted.


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