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Read the following feedback and stories about people helping and being helped through Matthew 25: Ministries.

From One Storm Victim to Another
As a victim of Hurricane Katrina, Carissa was moved to share her story and donations with victims of the Oklahoma Tornadoes.
Drink Stands Benefit the Needy
Warm, sunny weather often inspires children to sell cold beverages and make a little money during their summer break. This summer, some very special kids set up their stands to raise money, too. However, the money they collected is going to help the poorest of the poor.

- Sisters Abby and Auren handed out free ice water and welcomed donations to fund Matthew 25: Ministries' disaster relief efforts for tornado victims in Joplin, MO.

- Nate, Erin, Anna, English and Erika hosted a lemonade stand with all proceeds benefiting Matthew 25: Ministries.
Bake Sale for Japan
We received a very sweet donation and letter from the Middle School girl's class at  Vista Community Church in Orlando, FL. The group organized a bake sale to  raise money for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
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Flashlights for Japan
We recently received a letter from the mother of a caring 5-year-old boy from Wisconsin who wanted to send flashlights to victims in Japan after hearing they were without power.
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Ice Cream
"I wanted to thank you for the ice cream again. It was an awesome opportunity for me and my 5-year-old granddaughter to go door to door and surprise people with a gift from God. It is a blessing to see my family embrace giving to others and it is very important for her to have the spirit of giving instilled in her. Thanks again.

Educational Shoeboxes
"We are back from a very successful trip! Parents of the Head Start students were overwhelmed with the clothing and shoes and underwear that we were able to provide thanks to M25M. We gave the children their boxes of school supplies Friday at school. Many had parents there. I had handed one little one his box and then tried to pull it from him to hand to his mom and he was NOT going to let go for anything! God love him! Their eyes went from dull to stars in a moment of looking at crayons and markers and papers. One parent had tears in her eyes as she stood with both arms full of clothes and shoes. They were very appreciative!

We are very appreciative to you for the work that you do! God Bless.

I have no idea if God will be sending us out again but if He does I hope He will direct me to your group as you made it easy to reach out and change lives.

Thanks From The Republic of Georgia
We received a thank-you letter—translated from Russian!— from an aid recipient living in the Republic of Georgia.
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