Corporate Partners


Corporate Philanthropy benefits corporations and helps the poor

Through a charitable partnership with Matthew 25: Ministries, your corporation can save money, generate a positive corporate image, and change the lives of the poorest of the poor.

Corporate Product Donations

Corporate product donations are a large part of Matthew 25: Ministries' charity work. We are able to rescue, reuse, and redistribute corporate product donations throughout the world to the needy. Corporate product donations consist of anything from soaps and other cleaning supplies, to clothing, food, personal care products, medical supplies, and more! Corporate product donations also eliminate waste and help the environment by ensuring the products are used by people in need instead of being sent to the landfill.

Corporate Giving

Financial gifts from corporate foundations are key to Matthew 25: Ministries helping more than 20 million people each year. The generosity of philanthropic corporations is vital to our outreach. If you have a corporate foundation through which you would like to donate to Matthew 25: Ministries, please contact Joodi Archer at or (513)793-6256(513)793-6256.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering enables employees of philanthropic corporations to participate in charitable initiatives. Corporate volunteers grow from the experience and gain an understanding of their unique role in helping the poor. Corporate volunteering can also serve as a team-building experience, helping enhance performance and build group dynamics. Find out more about corporate volunteering.

Matthew 25 corporate Partnership Benefits

  • SIGNIFICANT TAX SAVINGS. Through corporate product donations, companies can receive a tax deduction of up to twice the cost of the donated product,  for maximum asset recovery. Philanthropic corporations have received millions in deductions permitted under IRC Section 170(e)(3) for corporate product donations.
  • REDUCE WAREHOUSING AND HANDLING COSTS. Donating excess, damaged, or unusable products to Matthew 25: Ministries frees up valuable warehouse space. We'll help coordinate the transportation of your corporate product donations to our 168,000 square-foot distribution center.
  • AVOID THE EXPENSE AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of land filling or incinerating unwanted product. One philanthropic Fortune 500 company has redirected over 240 tons of donated soap scrap products and over 180 tons of donated clothing from landfills since 1997, through corporate product donations. We can also implement or expand your Green initiatives, which enhance your corporate image.
  • AVOID LOSS OF MARKET SHARE caused by selling merchandise through discount channels for eventual resale in the United States. M25M can guarantee that, if requested, corporate donated items will only be delivered outside of the U.S. to approved countries.
  • SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS of product disposal. One Matthew 25 Corporate Partner needed to dispose of almost one million pairs of shoes. We accepted the corporate product donation of shoes and began shipping the donated shoes the next day!
  • DISPLAY A POSITIVE CORPORATE IMAGE with the public, your customers, suppliers, and employees.

Charitable Corporate Partnership

Call our charitable corporate donations team to discover how you and your company can help the poor. Our product donations specialist will work directly with your company to develop a customized program to fit your goals and desired participation level.  Contact or call (513)793-6256(513)793-6256.