Stories of Reflection


Katamanthano is a Greek word, which Jesus used when pointing to a nearby field, saying, “KATAMANTHANO the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, and yet I tell you Solomon in all of his glory was not arrayed like one of these” (Matt. 6:28-29). Katamanthano is usually given the English translation of consider. However its literal translation is “to observe well, notice carefully, learn thoroughly, CONSIDER.”

The reflections below, written by Rev. Wendell Mettey, are about this world and how, through it, God reveals Himself to us. These reflections do as the Great Teacher did: pause along the roadside of Life to “Katamanthano... consider the lilies of the field.” And in doing so, we discover a message from God for our daily living. 

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These Stories of Reflection are a collection of writings by Rev. Wendell E. Mettey, composed throughout many past years. Stories are copyright protected. All rights reserved.

11/20/14 - When Life is Churning Away
One of the joys I used to find in running around Sharon Woods Lake was seeing the many ducks and geese swimming about. A favorite pastime of many folks is feeding these beautiful animals. Scattered throughout the lake, the mere appearance of someone holding a sack full of bread and crackers will summon these birds...
11/13/14 - The Least of These
A dirt courtyard floor and a worn thin mat was his resting place. The skin on his feet was cracked and calloused, no doubt from years of wandering shoeless. He wore what they all wore: a faded, patched gown...
11/6/14 - A Sandbox
We stopped at a roadside park. We got out of our car so we could get a better look at the lake. On our way, I noticed some children playing in what looked like the world’s largest sandbox...
10/30/14 - The Wisdom of Knowing the Difference
There is a train trestle which crosses over a road I frequently travel. The clearance of the train trestle is clearly marked: 12 feet 3 inches. In a three year period, five truckers attempted to drive under that train trestle, only to discover that it was not 12 feet 4 inches...
10/23/14 - Our Own Private Rainbows
A round bit of crystal with a small stand to hold it erect. A gift from a friend. It sits upon my desk for all to see. Upon it is etched a bird in full flight, the radiant sun above, the sea below and these few words, “Everyday is a new discovery.”

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